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  • Considering that you and your family may wake up at different times, this clock can be set with three sets of Alarm Clocks to meet the needs of getting up at different times.
  • Size: 6.2×3.8×0.9 in. Material: Acrylic on the front and wood on the back. The workmanship is very exquisite. It is not only very practical, but also can be used as decorations for offices, bedrooms and living rooms.
  • The digital led clock has a built in 1000 mAh lithium battery and a USB data cable. The battery can be charged up to 1000 times, which not only saves costs, but also saves the trouble of replacing disposable batteries.
  • With voice control function, it will automatically turn off the time display in the power-saving mode, and automatically light up when there is a sound, so that you can save power while knowing the time demand. In addition to displaying the time and date, there is also a temperature detection function, which can be display the ambient temperature.
  • You will receive a clock, 1 x built in 1000 mAh lithium battery, 1 x USB data cable, 1 x copy of the manual. After receiving it, please carefully check whether there is any missing, if there is any missing, please contact us in time.

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Hello! A beautiful day begins with a happy and calm morning! A practical clock to help you manage time better!

Three Alarm Clock Settings
1. I think most people have been in a lethargy and turned off the alarm clock in the morning, which led to the situation of being late. But don¡¯t worry, our led clock can set three groups of alarm clocks. Even if you accidentally turn off an alarm clock in your sleep, you don¡¯t have to worry about being late. I think there must have a alarm clocks that will wake you up.
2. To meet the needs of you and your family to wake up at different times, set the alarm clock according to the wake up time.

Voice Control Function
In the power saving mode, the time display is automatically turned off. When a sound appears, it will light up and stay for 10 Seconds, meeting your needs for knowing the time and saving energy to the maximum.

Power Saving Mode
In this mode, the battery life can reach up to 95 days, which saves the trouble of charging and saves electricity bills.

Always on Mode
Continuous battery life for more than 24 hours.

Use a 5V mobile phone charger that is not used at home to connect to the power supply. When unplugging the power supply, it is recommended to turn on the power saving mode to increase battery life.

The USB charging output interface allows you to use this additional interface to charge your phone when the external power supply of the clock is occupied. This design is to avoid the embarrassment of occupying the interface and is not to be used as an additional power supply use.
When using this charging port, the TYPE-C port must be powered on.

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